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A Brief about the Foundation

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation is a registered Trust which comprises of a group of people besotted with animals. Moved by the agony of homeless, strays and abandoned pets, they decided to come together to make a positive difference to the lives of animals almost always marginalized by society. They believe, these animals, left to fend for themselves and treated with indifference, cruelty and contempt, deserve all the help that they can be given.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Late Kalyani Ghosh, a woman whose compassion and benevolence knew no bounds. She was so deeply touched by the suffering of stray animals at the hands of heartless animal abusers that she decided to dedicate her twilight years entirely to their care and well-being.

Today the foundation houses about one hundred destitute animals, successfully rehabilitates orthopedic and spinal injury patients, brings up orphans, takes care of the old and heals with love the un bearable pains of abandonned pets. The organization also undertakes sterilization and vaccination of the strays and tirelessly work towards bringing awareness and compassion for animals.

Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals

The first and foremost project of Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation was to set up a shelter for destitute cats and dogs.Founded in December, 2010 and named after the benevolent Swarnalata Basu, who was well-known for her kindness and charity, this shelter houses about a hundred old, abandoned, handicapped and orphaned destitute cats and dogs.

These are the dogs and cats that have spent most of their life on the mean streets and have dodged some indifferent and even cruel people and vehicles that will not wait for them. They have never known the assurance of human concern, affection and respect that should have been their birthright. Read More>>

At this shelter, We have treated and successfully rehabilitated patients with orthopedic problems including those with spinal injuries. These can be the most difficult to care for since spinal injuries can turn fatal with the slightest disturbance. Read>> about this Rehabilitation Project. Our success stories are quite long. Read>> also about our selected success stories, including successful upbringing of tiny orphans, taking care of the old dogs and cats, etc.

For the Sheltered Animals at Swarna Lata Home
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Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals

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Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals

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