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August, 2020


Two terrible road-accident cases rescued in the month of July

Case I

This little fur ball was rescued from the Chattarpur main road, near the Bhatti Mines. It has a severe pelvic fracture and internal injuries, and is paralysed now. However, he is responding positively to the treatment. Give him a chance to survive!

Case II

He was rescued from the middle of the busy CDR Chowk near the Chattarpur Metro Station. He has lost one eye and has spinal injury. He was paralysed when came to the shelter, but after a few days of intense treatment and round-the-clock care, he is trying to stand up. Give the boy a chance to walk in style!

ONLY INR 3,000.00 is needed for ONE SPECIAL DOG to sustain for an ENTIRE MONTH.

These dogs are with various ailments ----- orthopedic and nervous disorders, old age-related issues, low immunity and medically sensitive. They need regular medical attention, special diet, supplements, and intense care.

Your kind donation can help them live in a comfortable and dignified way.

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation has got Guidestar India Transperancy Key as a credible Indian NGO.

Sheru joined our Senior Gang

Sheru was living in a colony at Fatehpur Beri. He has cataract and arthritis, and these ailments restricted his movement severely. In addition, he has diabetes. But with treatment, Sheru now looks happy and secure in his old age home. Give Sheru a chance to spend his last days peacefully.

THE WISH LIST - August, 2020
  • De-Worming Tablets for Dogs - 200 Tablets
  • Liv-52 Syrup - 20 Liters
  • Honey - 12.5 Kilograms
  • Dog Food (kibbles) - 60 Kilograms
  • Rice - 775 Kilograms
  • Eggs - 155 Crates (One Crate contains 30 eggs)
  • Bleaching Powder for cleaning - 50 Pckets (Large)
  • Butox Vet - 2 Liters

Email: kalyaniawf.org.in, Call or WhatsApp: 9818911612 to get a pick-up.

Indian mongrels, which are hated, killed, and maimed by people, and derisively called "strays dogs", are increasingly making it to the police forces of the country.

In fact, Indian mongrels, which are known to be loyal, sharp and excellent watch dogs, are proving to be more efficient than other fancy breeds that are now used by the police in India. You must have heard about "Asha", an Indian mongrel, who was rescued and then trained to be a sniffer dog by the West Bengal Police. A report by The Hindu says that Asha has become the "top sniffer dog" in the police's bomb squad; she specialises in tracing explosives and drugs. [source: The Hindu, March 14, 2019]

The Uttarakhand Police has also trained mongrels to join its bomb squad. Like Asha, these dogs are outperforming foreign breeds such as German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Labradors. "To everyone's surprise the stray [dogs] outperformed expensive breeds of dogs, looked disciplined and synchronised," said a report in the news website firstpost.com. [Source: Firstpost.com, November 19, 2019]

The Bengaluru Police are also using Indian breeds which are often harassed and tortured on streets by adding them to its canine unit.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said, "The strays are used to guard the police station and accompany the night beat constables. Trained on simple commands, the dogs respond very well," said Rao, adding that the dogs were experts in sniffing. [Source: Deccanherald.com, March 15, 2020]

Asha[Photo Courtesy: The Hindu]

Animal Welfare Board of India
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