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July, 2020

Pets may prevent allergies in children

A 2018 research by the United States-based National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates that early pet (such as dogs and cats) keeping could protect infants from later allergy development. "Early pet-keeping was previously considered to be a risk factor for allergy development," the research paper says, "but several studies from the last 20 years have highlighted that this is probably not the case, even in individuals with a strong family history of atopy [the genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases]".


Tommy: From a loving home to a caring shelter

His eyes were barely open when he lost his mother. His siblings could not survive. But Tommy was the lucky one. He was saved by an auto-driver of Bhatti Mines, New Delhi. The newly married young man, Suresh, adopted him and treated him like his own son.

For 12 years, Tommy was an inseparable member of the auto driver's family. But fate had other things in store for his owner, and Tommy. Suresh's brother is suffering from tuberculosis; his wife has multiple diseases; and their children are too young to take care of an aging dog. There is no way he can be at home; he has to go out to provide the necessities for the family. He had no option but to leave Tommy at Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation.

We have fallen in love with the old man with a big attitude. He is missing his family, and has been very confused at the twist of fate, but Tommy is also getting used to the shelter. We are doing every bit to make him feel at home.

ONLY INR 3,000.00 is needed for ONE SPECIAL DOG to sustain for an ENTIRE MONTH.

More than 20 dogs with various ailments ----- orthopedic and nervous disorders, old age-related issues, low immunity and medically sensitive ----- need regular medical attention, special diet, supplements, and intense care. Your kind donation can help them live in a comfortable and dignified way.

Pigloo recovers from throat-tumor

Pari - Our Cutest Pet

Rescued from a jungle a few years back, cute little Pari loves to run and jump all around the shelter on her three legs.

THE WISH LIST - July, 2020
  • De-Worming Tablets for Dogs - 200 Tablets
  • Liv-52 Syrup - 20 Liters
  • Honey - 12.5 Kilograms
  • Dog Food (kibbles) - 60 Kilograms (20 kgs donated by Shashi Aggarwal, Sadhna Enclave, New Delhi)
  • Rice - 775 Kilograms
  • Dalia - 50 Kilograms (8 kgs donated by Rashmeen, Vikaspuri, New Delhi)
  • Eggs - 155 Crates (One Crate contains 30 eggs)
  • Soybean - 10 Kilograms
  • Bleaching Powder for cleaning - 50 Pckets (Large)
  • Detergent Powder - 10 Kilograms (28 kgs donated by Rashmeen, Vikaspuri, New Delhi)
  • Butox Vet - 2 Liters

Email: kalyaniawf.org.in, Call or WhatsApp: 9818911612 to get a pick-up.

Animal Welfare Board of India
(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India)
Recognition Code Number: ND 052/2019

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FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) Registration Number : 231661854