Chhaya Premium Boarding for Dogs
All Donations to this Foundation will have an I.T. Deduction under Section 80G(vi) of I.T.Act, 1961, Govt. of India.


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Chhaya Premium Boarding for Dogs

Chhaya Premium Boarding for Dogs is a fund-raising unit of Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation. Therefore, all proceeds acquired from this unit goes to the welfare of the destitute animals sheltered with the Foundation. Chhaya is a premium boarding for dogs where the pets holiday under utmost care while their owners go out of station. Each dog is kept against a certain amount of donation. After deducting the cost, each of these contributions does either of the followings:

Feeding 10-15 dogs or 20 cats a day, OR
Providing supplements for all the animals for 5-7 days, OR
Vaccinating 2-3 dogs or 1-2 cats.

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Fund Raising Events

Charity Dinner

At Aka Saka Restaurant on Saturday, June 28, 2014

An overhelming response was seen in the charity dinner party organized by the foundation to aid its sheltered animals at Swarna Lata. many people across the city took part and came for a pure vegetarian chinese cocktail dinner party. It was a big fun for all of the participants. There was also a stall for selling pet care products to raise additional funds.

The fund we raised from the charity dinner was sufficient to meet one month's expenses of the shelter. Many of the participants donated extra amount for the sake of the treatment of the parallysed dogs under our care.

Tea Party at Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals

At Swarna lata Home for Destitute Animals on Sunday, 7th April, 2013

In order to meet the shortage of funds at the shelter, this unique tea party has been organized at the shelter premises. The participation fee was either Rs. 500/- or a sack of rice. Many animal lovers across the city have opened up their helping hands and we could be able to raise more funds than we have estimated.

Banasrijan - Tree Plantation Ceremony

At Swarna lata Home for Destitute Animals on Sunday, 22nd July, 2012

Trees give us oxygen, shade, flowers, fruits and overall a soothing and healthy natural environment to live in. Feeling the need of planting trees in its animal shelter, Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation celebrated a Tree Plantation Ceremony. In mid of monsoon, a group of animal lovers and the members of the Foundation gathered at the shelter in the morning. The ceremony was presided over by Dr. B.C. Bhagat,  the Director of Environment, Government of Delhi.

At 11 a.m., the function started. About a hundred saplings got planted across the shelter premises. Among them were a lot of flower plants and a few shade giving trees. Everybody, from children to the elderly people seemed to enjoy. There were a few games also to entertain the guests.

A pure vegan lunch had been served after the ceremoney got over. Apart from all these, one fund raising stall was there to sell artifacts and pet care progucts. The 100 percent procurement from the sale went to meet the expenses of the shelter.

In spite of the participation fee, the event was a big success. We have raised a good amount of fund for the shelter. In a short note, we thank all the participants to contribute and make the event a great success. Our special thanks goes to Dr. B.C. Bhagat for not only presiding over the ceremony but also rendering valuable inputs about planting and taking care of different trees and saplings.


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