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1. Development of Shelters for destitute animals.
The first objective that the Foundation has achieved is the setting up of a shelter for destitute dogs and cats in Village Bhati in south Delhi, near Chhattarpur. There are about one hundred destitute dogs and cats that have found a home here to regain their strength and to thrive in peace, respect and safety. Among them, there are many handicapped and orthopedic patients, old or ageing dogs, orphans, low immunity and medically sensitive ones undergoing treatment. The shelter also houses a number of aggressive dogs and abandoned pets as well that have virtually no hope of finding a safe heaven because society cannot accept them as they are.

2. Carrying out Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programs.
According to the World Health Organization, Animal Birth Control (ABC) is the most humane and practical way of managing a controlled and healthy population of neighborhood animals. The courts of law have also agreed with that. The surgery is of the nature that allows a male dog to be released back where it was picked up from, in about three days and a female, in a few more days, as long as all goes well.

3. Setting up of Veterinary Hospitals.
The Foundation is keen to build up veterinary hospitals for stray and abandoned animals in need. Till now, we have been taking our injured and ill animals outside for veterinary attention. This can be tiring, in terms of logistics, and uncomfortable for the animal that is already in distress. We need to set up a one-stop centre where investigations and treatment of a variety of injuries and illnesses can be done under one roof so that we can monitor the progress of the animals in our care in a better way.

4. Providing Ambulance Service and Mobile Clinics.
The first few hours after an accident or a traumatic event are the most critical for the injured or ill animals. However, because of the lack of our own ambulance, we often run from pillar to post to find transport to pick up the accident victim and to take the victim to a veterinarian.

The organization also hopes to set up Mobile Clinics that can pick up and/or treat accident-hit animals and to carry out on-the-spot treatment for animals that do not require hospitalization. At present, we are dependent on volunteers for rescue pickups and drops. Goodwill gestures are wonderful, but we need something more dependable.

5. Carrying out Awareness Building Programmes.
Building up awareness is the need of the hour. Awareness Building Programmes are very essential  to educate the general public about the necessity and benefits of animal welfare, caring of stray and pet animals, various myths and realities about animals, common animal diseases and their remedies, how to fight the cruelty to animals in their areas. We also need to spread awareness about first aid in case of animal bites.

Since the Foundation has always kept itself available for any kind of FREE service under its capacity to all dogs and cats, especially the strays, in the neighboring areas, the villagers of Bhati Village, Bhati Mines, Bhati Kalan and other neighboring places, where the shelter of the Foundation is located, have a changed mentality towards stray animals. They, who earlier used to abandon old and diseased dogs at a faraway place, now approach the organization for their treatment, vaccination and well-being. They have also learnt the need for ABC and of vaccinating animals. The Foundation has transformed them into compassionate citizens by its consistent efforts.

Animal Welfare Board of india
(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India)
Recognition Code Number: ND 052/2019

Niti Ayog Unique ID: DL/2018/0190289

FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) Registration Number : 231661854