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Orthopedic Rehabilitation - Selected Stories

Case:I(Undergoing Support Treatment)

She was found in the middle of a busy road in Gurgaon, hit by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so hard that Meghna could not move at all. One kind lady saw her and called for help to remove her from the spot. It is a stroke of luck that Meghna survived on that killer road till the lady reached to ensure her safety. Unfortunately nobody came forward until another car stopped and another kind lady stepped in. Finally she got removed and got admitted to a well -known veterinary hospital in Delhi for treatment.

This poor bitch was then a lactating mother but her puppies were not to be found anywhere. To worsen her fate, the doctors of the hospital where she got admitted claimed that she had a spinal injury and her paralysis could not be cured and hence prescribed that she be to put to sleep.

She was given the basic treatment for her trauma. To our surprise, within a few days, she stood up and within a couple of weeks, she started running. However, she still has some problem in her leg for which she has to take a lifelong support treatment and physiotherapy. But she is, no doubt, the first feather in our cap of rehabilitation success.

Case:II(Undergoing Treatment)

Just one day after the Independence Day this year, this poor Bitch was found in front of a marble shop on Chhatterpur-Bhati Mines Road. She seemed to have been hit by a speeding vehicle. Her spinal cord was badly damaged causing a total paralysis of her lower body. She was barely able to drag herself. The manager of the shop was kind enough to rescue her and brought her to us.

She received instant treatment. We concentrated on curing her damaged spinal cord first and along with that she has been put on treatment to strengthen her bones ans nerves. After a few days we noticed some improvement. Then, it was time to start physiotherapy. Within two weeks, she started lifting her back and gradually started walking. She is now undergoing advance physiotherapy and support treatment so that eventually she comes out of her handicap. She is also very lean and thin. We are trying We are trying to help her gain some weight.

Case:III(Undergoing Treatment)

He came on a bed-sheet held by two men. Over twelve years old, he was an obese Labrador Retriever down with age related syndrome and severe arthritis. The owners took him to a vet from the first day of the symptoms being noticeable but the problem was getting worse even after two years of continuous treatment. His movement was slowly getting restricted and he was often found lying on the bed soaked in his urine. As a result, he developed bed sores all over his body.

He is receiving continuous treatment for all of his symptoms. He also undergoes a monthly medical checkup so that he may be given preventive treatment for any age-related disease. He has been able to walk on his own and loves to go for a stroll thrice a day. After his evening physiotherapy treatment, he relishes his dinner, goes for a stroll and walks up to his bed.

His treatment is sponsorred by his owners, Mr. & Mrs. S. K. Goel

Case:IV(Completely Cured)

He was found near the colony gate in a posh Gurgaon society with a broken limb. Barely able to move, this poor dog was being beaten by the security guard in a vain attempt to shoo him away. His screams were heard by God and he has been rescued.

He got a surgery and his broken limb got fixed with a plate. After month long post operative treatment, the physiotherapy started. Another month passed by and he started playing, the emotional scars barely visible.

Today only an x-ray can prove that his limb was fixed with a plate. He is leading a complete normal life with all his four limbs equally active so that he can run and jump and play like any other healthy dog.


Case:V(Completely Cured)

She got run over while playing with her sibling on a West Delhi road. Barely two months old, one of the rear legs of this poor little puppy got so badly broaken that the two parts of the bones were totally severed from each other.

Considering her young age, the vet decided not to put her through surgery. She was given a strong plaster along her broken limb and kept her under bed-rest for about two weeks. During this period, her movements were totally restricted and she was given treatment to strengthen her bones and damaged nerves. When the plaster was removed, physiotherapy started.

Today, she has totally regained her health and jumps and plays and leads an absolutely normal life.


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