Chhaya Premium Boarding for Dogs
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Sucessful Upbringing of Orphans

Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals receives a large number of orphaned puppies and kittens. No one can take the place of a natural parent but we strive to give them a healthy environment to grow up in. Many such orphans have grown up to become healthy dogs and cats.

This is a very important intervention since early care can save the lives of unattended, unprotected pups and kittens. Without such early intervention, most of these orphaned animals may not have survived the mean streets. If they did, they may have grown into insecure adults or even have been injured for life, making them more prone to disease and accident.

Happy and Peaceful Old Life

We also take in various dogs and cats of a mature age. These senior animals often require special treatment, periodic medical checkups and supportive therapies. The sad reality of our society is that it is not just animals on the streets that grow too old to fend for themselves. There are innumerable pet owners who are not ready to face the issues that come to their pets with old age, and abandon them.

Many come with, or develop in the course of time, cataract and the related blindness. Arthritis is also a common disease among old animals. We keep them under special care until the last day of their life. It is a matter of pride for us that most of the senior animals died natural deaths at a mature age.


Curing Maggots Wounds, Skin Infections, Tick Fever etc.

Although Swarna Lata Home for Destitute Animals is not a hospital, we often receive animals with less contiguous but fatal diseases like deep maggot wounds, skin infections, tick fever etc. We cannot stress enough the fact that these can be treated, by and large, especially if they are diagnosed early. Therefore, the animals that come to us with these problems are treated immediately.

Our success rate in curing such diseases has been quite impressive.

Bringing up to Health

When the shelter started, almost all the animals we received were skinny and grossly underweight. People often would often spread the rumour that the dogs in this shelter are very thin, totally forgetting the fact that we did not make them thin. After a few months in our care, all the dogs started regaining health. Since then, we have taken it as a challenge and have corrected the figures of many dogs and cats.

However, Regaining health needs special foods and food supplement for a longer period. Hence, in most cases, we keep these under-nurished animals under special care.


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