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KALYANI GHOSH (13.11.1939 - 01.04.2015) - FOUNDER TRUSTEE

A tireless and dedicated animal crusader, Kalyani Ghosh was the biggest inspiration behind setting up Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation. Her love for animals was legendary. She dedicated her entire life's savings and a majority of her pension for the sake of animal welfare. She felt the agony of the stray dogs in extreme weather, especially that of the old and the handicapped and the orphaned minors. She personally went for many rescues and saved many dogs, cats, sparrows and pigeons throughout her life.

A scholar and a beloved teacher, she combined head and heart in her own inimitable way, stepping out for those in distress. In the twilight of her life, when she could have lived comfortably after a lifetime of toil, she sacrificed even necessities and lived almost a spartan life for the sake of her beloved four-legged babies. In the severest of Delhi’s winter, she refused even a thin blanket for herself if she noticed that a dog or a cat did not have a bed and a blanket. Her room has alwayas been crowded with 20-30 dogs. She followed her heart rather than the advice of other humans, grooming them, washing their beds and blankets and coats and cleaning their habitat.Even when she was critically ill and advised isolation for fear of infestion, her concern for them never stopped. When everyone else in the shelter tired of working, this noble soul was would keep toiling tirelessly for animals. She had a way with even the most temperamental dogs and they adored her. When they realized she was back from hospital, they would rush to her, one even scaling a wall.

A fatal kidney disease took her away from this world but her love and blessings are still felt in every nook and corner and in every activity of the organization. She was and will always remain the mother figure and the main source of inspiration for Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation.


A Management graduate and an Artist, Dorothy Ghosh did not think twice before leaving behind a successful and lucrative career to start this NGO with her mother, Kalyani Ghosh. It did not matter to her that she was leaving behind more than a decade in business, design and management. Dorothy Ghosh is the workhorse of Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation, providing basic needs for stray, abandoned, old, diseased and other destitute animals.

For her, every animal at Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation is like her child. Dorothy, almost single-handedly, not only provides care for these animals, but works tirelessly to generate awareness on the need for animal welfare, raise funds and supervise all aspects of administration so that the shelter may run without a glitch.


Her passionate concern and love for animals has brought Jolly Dey to Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation. For years, this kind woman has spent time, energy and resources to feed and rescue stray dogs in need of help.

A graduate, Jolly Dey gave up a successful business career and has joined this organization so that she may dedicate more time and energy to serving animals more and better. With her involvement, the Foundation gets a new dimension since she brings with her considerable experience both with animals and in running an enterprise. She also did a remarkable work in developping awarness and convert people to be more tollerant towards stray dogs and cats. It is now a common scene in the part of Delhi, where she lives, that people who were hitherto untollerant towards stray dogs are feeding and taking care of them.


An experienced and practicing Chartered Accountant, Cheshta Singh is a die-hard animal lover and a rescuer of destitute strays. In spite of her young age, she is known in Delhi’s animal welfare circles for her feisty support to animals in distress. She has been attached to Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation ever since the shelter was set up.

Cheshta has taken an active part in sterilizing and vaccinating strays in West and Central Delhi. She has made a difference to the lives of many suffering strays stricken by deadly diseases like cancer, tick fever, organ failure and orthopedic injuries. She has ensured that many have got caring forever homes.


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