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Help Kalu and his 116 shelter-mates live and thrive at their HOME

The Shelter Project

“Unless I would have opened my heart and home for them, these poor dogs would have hardly survived in this heartless world”, says Dorothy Ghosh, the Founder of Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation.

A management graduate and an artist, Dorothy left a successful and lucrative career to start this NGO with her mother, Late Kalyani Ghosh, where more than one hundred old, handicapped, paralyzed and hyper-aggressive dogs. have found a safe, secured and loving environment to live.

Dorothy’s dedicated team works round the clock to keep them healthy and happy. She has spent her entire life's savings for these poor dogs. However the challenge is big and resources are small for these endeavour.

Every single rupee counts.

“Every month we find that there are some shortfalls for their essential supplies which break our hearts. Please lend your benevolent hands to help them live and thrive.”

There was a time, when Dorothy could not find a safe place for her rescued paralyzed puppy. All NGOs those she had approached had advised her to put the puppy to sleep since it was a spinal injury. This has spurred her to start this HOME for poor destitute dogs.

“Today, when I see Jhumru running on his four legs or Bagheera jumping and playing around, I cannot hold my tears. All have survived spinal injuries.” Says Dorothy.

Our Supporters for April, 2024

Donor's Name State/Province Country Donation (INR)
Rashmeen Sahni Delhi India 500.00
Shawlinee Chopra Haryana India 10000.00
Jahnvee Sahu Haryana India 1000.00
chanchal Goswami delhi India 30000.00
Amita Gaba Delhi India 1000.00
Jahnvee Sahu Haryana India 1000.00
ASWINI KOLE Delhi India 600.00
Rohit AGGARWAL KHANPUR India 30000.00
Total Fund Raised: 79602.00

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