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for Old, Paralyzed, Handicapped, Orphan and Aggressive Animals

Twelve Years of Dedicated Animal Welfare Activities

Home for Destitute Dogs

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation provides a loving HOME for more than one hundred old, handicapped, paralyzed, orphaned, abandoned and aggressive dogs.


One Day's Food for all the Dogs

INR 3,500/-

Free Treatment, Vaccinations

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation gives free treatment and vaccinations to the neighbouring strays and Indie-pets of the poor villagers.


One Month's Medical Expenses

INR 15,000/-

Sterilization of Strays

As per the Animal Birth Control guidelines laid by the Animal Welfare Board of India, we regularly conduct Sterilization Programmes for both our sheltered dogs as well as the village-strays.


Sterilization of One Dog

INR 3,000/-

Terminal Illness Care

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation treats and rehabilitates dogs with diseases like cancers and organ (Liver, Kidney, Heart etc.) Disorders.


Treatment and Boarding expenses of One Terminally Sick Dog for One Month

INR 5,000/-

Destitute Dogs Need Your Support - Get Involved

Donate or Raise Funds for the SPECIAL CARE UNIT

Goldie is about 14 years old, blind dog with neurological disorders. He needs extra love, extra nurishment, special food and supplements and medical attention because of his disabilities. Like Goldie, our Special Care Unit has several other dogs who are either suffering from age related ailments, terminal illness like organ failures, cancers etc., or are handicapped, paralyzed or motherless orphans.

This Special Care Unit needs your financial support. Any amount will help in a big way for these dogs to live and thrive.

Volunteer or Get Associated

We are always open to the good association of people to support our different accivities and programmes. If you are an animal lover and are freshly graduated professionals like Vetenarians or Para-vets, and have a few hours in a week to chip-in for some charitable purpose, we have some offers for you.

If you are a student, fresh graduate, professionals or housewives and if you have some free time to dedicate for animal welfare, we have both off-line and online assignments for you.

Animal Welfare Board of India
(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of )ndia)
Recognition Code Number: ND 052/2019

Niti Ayog Unique ID: DL/2018/0190289

FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of )ndia) Registration Number : 231661854