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for Old, Paralyzed, Handicapped, Orphan and Aggressive Animals

Twelve Years of Dedicated Animal Welfare Activities

A Shelter for Destitute Dogs and Cats

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation provides a loving home for old, handicapped, paralyzed, orphaned, abandoned and aggressive dogs and cats who have nowhere to go, no one to look after and are unable to survive on roads. The Chhatarpur-New Delhi Shelter currently houses more than one hundred such destitute animals.

Free Treatment and Vaccinations

Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation gives free treatment to the neighbouring strays. We also treat for free Indian pets of people belonging to below poverty line who cannot afford expensive treatments for their pets. We also vaccinate these dogs and cats against deadly diseases like Rabies, completely free of cost.

Sterilization of Strays

As per the World Health Organization and Animal Welfare Board of India guidelines, Sterilization is the only scientific and humanitarian way to control the stray dog population.

We regularly conduct Spay and Nuter programmes for both our sheltered dogs as well as neighboring strays.

Destitute Stray Animals Need Your Support

Sponsor Sterilization of One Dog/Cat:

INR 2,500/-

Sponsor One Days Food for all the Animals at the Shelter:

INR 3,500/-

Sponsor one Special-Care Dog/Cat for an Entire Month:

INR 5,000/-

Sponsor Medical Expenses for an Entire Month:

INR 15,000/-

A New Rehabilitation Center to Expand Our Services

Proposed Facilities:

Lush Green Plying Lawns
Special Facilities for Old and Handicapped Animals
Swimming and Therapeutic Pools
Free Treatment for Strays
Treatment Center for Terminal Diseases including Cancer

Benefits of Donors

For Indian Donors: Income Tax Benefits under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act, 1961

For ALL Donors: The Names of Donors will be displayed on a Momentum at the Rehabilitation Centre.

Phase I: Procurement of Land
Budget: INR 1,00,00,000/-

Total Fund Raised: INR 124847/-
First Phase Fund-Raising Completion Target: 30 October, 2022
First Phase Project Completion Target: 31 December, 2022

Phase II: Construction - Budget: INR 2,00,00,000/-
Phase II: Purchase of Equipments - Budget: INR 1,50,00,000/-

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Virtual Adoption

Love pets but cannot keep one? Just pay for its monthly expenses and spend your spare time with your Virtually Adopted Pet at our DOGGIE HOME.

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Animal Welfare Board of India
(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of )ndia)
Recognition Code Number: ND 052/2019

Niti Ayog Unique ID: DL/2018/0190289

FCRA (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of )ndia) Registration Number : 231661854